Upcoming Courses


Anthroposophical Professional Development Initiative

for Terms 3 & 4 , August and October 2023

Two Blocks of online Lectures & Workshops:

(Melbourne Time Zone)

Block I:

“Three Worlds – Four Ethers: Connecting Spirit and Matter”

7 consecutive Tuesday evenings starting 1st August 2023.

3 fortnightly Saturday Morning Artistic workshops starting 5th August 2023

Block II:

“Rudolf Steiner’s Cosmology”

7 consecutive Tuesday evenings starting 10th October 2023.

3 fortnightly Saturday Morning Artistic workshops starting 21st October 2023

Over the 7 lectures we plan to discuss Steiner’s answers to the following questions:

  1. How did our solar system emerge out of the spiritual universe?
  2. How, by whom and for what purpose were Human Beings and the nature kingdoms below us created?
  3. Who are the divine spiritual Hierarchies or creator beings?
  4. What is the nature of the cosmic creation process ?
  5. What is the nature, history and purpose of evil?
  6. What is the end goal for our Earth, for humanity and the nature kingdoms sharing this earth with us?
  7. And from a more contemporary perspective, what are the two diverging pathways emerging for humanity right now, which ask us to choose between two very different kinds of immortality leading to very different cosmic futures?

For Johannes’ 4-minute video introduction to the 2nd Lecture Series go to: https://vimeo.com/862984949/2cb34e1025?share=copy

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