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While the spiritual, biosculptural impulse is the leading purpose in this consultancy, there is also the added bonus of over three decades of hands on experience on all levels of Steiner Education, from the kindergarten to the senior school, from general class teaching to specialist teaching, from a visionary to an administrative point of view, from project management to architectural design. This broad range of experience can be an invaluable resource to  schools planning to start from the beginning or extending into a new high school or engaging in a vision building or master planning process etc. Dealing with various professionals in different fields who often have little understanding of Steiner Education, as well as balancing budgetary demands, pragmatic needs and the ideal vision  can be an overwhelming experience that more often than not dampens the original enthusiasm and compromises so many visions from the outset. Being able to bounce off ideas and talk to somebody who has been in a similar situation before can be a big help on many different levels.

In short, as  Educational, Organizational and Architectural Consultant my experience and work is focused around the following areas.

1) Educational/Organizational Development:

The structures we put in place when a school or organization starts play a major factor in what type of school and school culture is able to develop. Moreover, once structures are in place they are in place for good or bad and are very difficult to change, particularly as the organization grows in size. It is therefore vital to create structures consciously, knowing how something starts small and how it is likely to change and adapt over time. Every organization is different and there is not any one model that fits all situations. It is however very helpful to be aware of what different options and choices are available and what the pros and cons are with each type of structure.

Some of the topics in questions are:

founding a new school, how should it be structured? operational and  legal structures, educational and financial governance, mandates, committees, communication channels and procedures, management types, educational and non-educational staff,  policies and operational procedures, building positive school culture etc. etc.


2) Architectural Planning and Building Development

This service is particularly helpful when dealing with architects and engineers who have not previously worked with Waldorf schools and have no prior background in anthroposophically oriented initiatives.

Some of the topics in questions are:

new school and school expansions, master planning, vision building, developing appropriate briefs, briefing the architect, defining architectural needs, priorities and design options etc.


please note:

Part of my work as educational/organizational consultant is to advice schools about building projects, architectural options  and priorities etc. without actually participating in the design process itself, which is a service I offer through my biosculptural consultancy.


3) The Spiritual/Anthroposophical impulse underlying Steiner Education

In an ideal world the spiritual and material perspectives are always connected and it is part of our modern day challenge to keep them closely linked. This is a challenge not just for the teachers and administrators, but also for the parents who generally are not in a position to participate in professional development  opportunities where Steiner Education is discussed on a deeper level.

A strong school is one where the anthroposophical impulse is understood and appreciated by all stake holders, parents, teachers and administrators . This is where our background and over 30 years of educational and anthroposophical experience can be of help in offering advice, as well as giving lectures and workshops about anthroposophical themes, including the above mentioned range of  areas.



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