The following article appeared  in the 2021 (Vol2) Pacific Journal,  the bi-annual newsletter published by the Anthroposophical society in Hawaii.


“Our China Adventure, that turned into

the Transformative Art & Architecture Course”




Little Yarra Steiner School Master Planning Documents:

The following two documents were  written in 2007 to accompany the Little Yarra Steiner School’s Master Plan. In 1989 the Little Yarra Steiner School ( ) had the good fortune to move from temporary premisses  to its permanent site on a beautiful 60 acre rural property along the Little Yarra river in Yarra Junction, near Melbourne, Australia. The beauty, size and special nature of the new location gave rise to an inspiring  vision that saw the school developing into an educational/cultural center, surrounded by a biodynamic farm and  housed in purpose built facilities worthy of the beauty of the Yarra Valley landscape. The education, architecture, farming  and other cultural activities were to take their inspiration from anthroposophy which, in a nutshell, seeks to renew cultural life in general by bringing a concrete spiritual perspective into a range of areas from the arts and humanities to the sciences.

Whilst the anthroposophically inspired approaches to education and agriculture have been extensively documented, the same can not be said about architecture and master planning. The purpose of the following two documents therefore was to outline in more  detail what the so called “anthroposophic impulse” meant with respect to the school’s architectural aims and principles. As is typical for the pioneering phase of any organization, initially the aims, principles and future plans of the organization are carried by a small group of individuals. With the growth of the enterprise comes the need to become more formal and begin to document the organization’s policies, processes and plans. By 2007, after two decades of growth, there was a need to re-evaluate and at the same time professionally re-document the schools long term vision and plans for the site. The Master Plan was prepared by Alvyn Williams, architect, Andrew Laidlaw, landscape architect, Jim Taylor – LYSS business manager and Johannes Schuster, LYSS founding teacher and Biosculptural consultant.

The following two documents were written by Johannes Schuster and added to LYSS master Plan Appendix.


  • The impulse for Biosculptural Architectureclick here

A look at the biosculptural method and early building projects of the Little Yarra Steiner School:


  • The Master Plan and Anthroposophy click here

An introduction to Anthroposophy and its role and impulse towards the creation of an inspiring physical and educational environment







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