1) Aim


The Venice biennale showcases, on an international stage, the art and artists of a variety of countries, each of which has its own dedicated pavilion located in the exhibition precinct. We thought that in such a situation the pavilion itself should become an artistic statement and advertisement for the country it represents. This of course begs the question of what exactly it is that should be said and advertised.


From a European perspective Australia is “downunder”, on the opposite side of the world. But this is not the only “opposite”. If Europe occupies a central world stage, is relatively small but densely populated, Australia is remote, vast and with a population small enough to fit into greater London and Paris combined. All of which creates curiosity about a different way of life, mixed with a sense of the unknown.


The aim for the Australian pavilion therefore was to both, satisfy as well as amplify this sense of curiosity and mystery and leave the international visitor with a palpable impression of the special nature and uniqueness of Australia.


In short: the Australian pavilion should not only meet all the functional requirements of an exhibition space but should itself be an exhibit that coveys an impression of the “Spirit of Australia”.


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