Course Participants’ Testimonials

“Johannes’ course has clarified how we create, the process is natural, and we have to respect each stage of the process. Such valuable knowledge, Thanks Johannes. ” L. C.


“You can sense that Johannes has been pondering this work actively for a long time and it comes through in his delivery. Nothing glib or dryly intellectual. He has lived it in his architectural work and speaks from the viewpoint of a practitioner. This work feels real. Highly recommended. ”  R. S.


This course nourished me each and every week, encouraging me to look at the world with fresh eyes, and notice details in the forms of the natural world. It challenged me to think more deeply about life, as I became aware of the factors influencing balance in different aspects of the natural world and human life. Each week was exciting, refreshing, thought-provoking and nourishing!”   C. T.


“I enrolled in this course because the subject matter sounded wonderful to me and I went in with high expectations. I have to say that I have not been disappointed. Throughout the year I have found the content to be inspiring,. moving.. and fascinating.” K. D.


“I have worked with art and form nearly all of my life. Johannes’ classes have given me a clearer perspective and understanding of formative forces and a new way of looking at nature.” T. H.


‘I felt this schooling to be modern day Initiation which takes us way beyond our customary concepts and percepts..” A.R.


“Johannes brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classes, allowing participants plenty of discussion and leading us back to the content. We made great discoveries and reached new understandings through the practical application of the concepts we covered.” C. C.


“I feel I am now able to perceive a more subtle reality more clearly than before this course, and the world is ever more fascinating! I’m looking forward to more.” A. S.


”I have really enjoyed attending my ‘Creative Process’ course this year. Every week has brought new revelations and has stimulated even more questions. These new questions, I have learned to hold and sit with, knowing they will miraculously synchronize with my life and unfold answers before me.” A. S.


“You feel like you are part of important, current research, and have the possibility of transforming parts of your own artistic practice with it. That makes it exciting and relevant for me. Just imagine, being able to reach into the realm of archetypal beauty and draw down something that could touch the heart of another……. Looking forward to third year.” A. G.


“I find the course refreshingly interactive and informal……I feel there is the possibility of discovering something new…….and that makes the course alive!”  V. J.


“ Please accept my thanks for running a very interesting and stimulating lecture series.” S.F.


“A course which brings to our awareness the possibilities for nourishing humanity through mindful design based on the principles of universal beauty and the tools and processes through which to do it.” M. A.


“Johannes transfers his deep knowledge and personal experience in design and architecture through clear and interesting lectures and activities in a way that are accessible to both amateur and professional artists and designers alike.” M.C.



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