Class 6

The cultural yearly theme for class 6 is Ancient Rome. If the Greeks were Artists, Scientists and Philosophers, the Romans were Rulers, Law makers and Empire builders. What has been described above as the “descent from heaven to earth” could also be expressed geometrically as the journey from the circle (or sphere) to the square (or cube). In class 6, however, the square of the floor plan is balanced by the rounded quality of the roof, which assumes a dome like character. Similarly, the gables of class 5 have become arches in class 6, reminding us of the ancient Romans who first invented the technique to construct arches and domes in their buildings


The class 6 child stands at the first beginning of adolescence. The coming years will be characterized by the physical and emotional changes that come with puberty. The equilibrium of body and soul which we still find in class 5 will soon be lost for some years and begin to return in years 11 & 12, Geometrically we could say in class 1 we have a sphere, in class 6 the sphere begins to hover above the square, by class 12 they will have inter penetrated each other. This is when the emerging young adult awakens to a selfhood that can consciously and freely choose its directions in life.


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