Class 4

Class 4 is a very social year. There is a sense of flow both socially and physically. Among all the primary class rooms the Class 4 room has the strongest sense of flow and rhythm. The roof weaves rhythmically up and down and particularly lifts over each comer, looking out into the 4 directions of the earth. The floor plans of classes 1 – 3 have a more rounded “organic” shape which pre determines the respective position of class and teacher. The class 4 floor plan, as a regular geometric form does not suggest where teacher and class are to be. Only after positioning the lower windows and blackboard do we know where the teacher will stand. As a result of this “front” and “back”, “left” and “right” become less clearly defined which adds to the number of possibilities to position the class and creates a sense of movement and sociability in the space within. In addition to the lower windows, the class 4 room also has windows high up in the roof and under the eves. The gesture of these windows is one of looking out into the distance from a higher vantage point – just like the class 4 child also looks out to a widening landscape and a world that is getting increasingly bigger.


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