Our consulting philosophy and methodology is called BiosculpturalArchitecture developed by Johannes Schuster.

Biosculptural architecture is not a new style of architecture.

  • It is a teachable methodology
  • with a clear aim
  • and an underlying spiritual foundation.

The aim of “Biosculptural Architecture” is to create architectural forms imbued with the power of “Moral Transformation” through “Universal Beauty“.

The methodology arises from the research and growing understanding of both: the spiritual anatomy of the creative process and the formative signature of the physical and etheric forces that shape the countless living forms in the four kingdoms of nature.

The underlying Spiritual Foundation is based on anthroposophy, in particular on the contents that can be found in R. Steiner’s  “Esoteric  Science” and “Theosophy”, applied to the perspective of Form Creation.

The forms of nature can teach us to read and to speak in a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE of FORM. This is the same language through which spiritual contents condense into physical form and substance. All forms of nature are filled with purpose, meaning and beauty. This is why we can begin to learn how to create new and meaningful forms by studying the language of form spoken by nature.

The forms of nature, which ultimately have a spiritual origin, are able to arise within physical substance through the creative tension that exists between the polarity of LIFE FORCES and PHYSICAL FORCES. Understanding and appreciating the dynamic tension that exists between these polar opposites is the first step towards a MEANINGFUL AND UNIVERSAL, ARCHITECTURAL LANGUAGE OF FORM.

In a nutshell:

How can we understand and access

The spiritual realities that stand behind Form?

How can we, without copying nature,

Create new architectural forms Of similar power and beauty?

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